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Monday, June 20th, 2005
10:33 pm
Movie Chat Reminder!
Don't forget tomorrow is Timeline Tuesday! We'll be getting together on AIM at 9.30ET/6.30PT to perv over Marek and his arrow shooting, pole dancing, history knowing hotness! I'll open a chat room around 9pm ET/6pm PT and send out the invites to the list I have. Anyone who wants to join in can send me an IM to 'sagitare' and I'll send you an invite!

Hope to see you there!
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
12:41 pm
Timeline Tuesday!
Our next Movie Chat Night is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st, starting at 9.30ET/6.30PT. This was a time that seemed to work very well when we did our inaugural Phantom movie chat so I figured we'd just stick with it this time. As for the day we can certainly adjust if the majority can't make that day work. Our movie this time is, of course, Timeline! Woo, Marek!! (hey, is that an arrow in your pocket or are you just happy to see me...)

We're moving the chat over to AIM this time as our previous Chatzy space has been causing a lot of problems of late for some chatters, i.e. very slow, screen freezes, etc. I'd hate to get a bunch of us in there and not be able to chat so we decided to switch to a much better interface. Anyone without AIM who would like to have it you can download it here. It's super easy to get going.

In terms of the chat room itself, we can't have a room permanently open unfortunately, and you need an invite in order to get into the chat room once it's open. I've started a list for the chat night and have added some AIM names already so if you'd like you can either let me know your AIM i.d. in a comment, or send it to me at sagitare(at)ureach(dot)com and I'll include your name on the list. Come chat night I'll just open a room and send out the invites to the list as a whole - whenever you log in the invite will be there and you can just come on in at your convenience. You can also just log in Tuesday night and send me an IM (I'm sagitare on AIM, no surprise!) and I'll fire off an invite to you that way. It's really very easy and painless to get into the room, no worries!

It'll be a fun time so drop in anytime! Even if it's just for a few minutes - the more perv the merrier!
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
2:09 pm
So, I finally got my hands on the recently released concept album Phantasia. It isn't available in a lot of places yet, so I hope this isn't against "the rules" by sharing it. If it is, feel free to ban my ass. Nuuuu... please don't. *begs*

The Phantom Suite is 34 minutes and 54 seconds worth of Phantom movie instrumental cracktastic-ness performed by Julian Lloyd Webber (interpreting the part of The Phantom/Erik through cello) and Sarah Chang (interpreting the part of Christine through violin). And yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Somehow they managed to make "All I Ask of You" listenable — beautiful, even. And when "Learn to Be Lonely" moves into "The Point of No Return," I just about die. It's absolutely stunning, and the huskiness of the cello really lends itself well to visions of Gerry and The Pants. *gushes* There's also this great part at the end around 32:45, during the "Music of the Night" reprise, where the cello randomly goes off on this amusing little solo, and the violin gets bitchy and interrupts it — as if she's scolding him for messing up the ending of the song. Hee! Okay, well... at least that's what it sounds like to me... because I'm a dork.

Anyway, I'd suggest doing what GB does when he listens to Phantom: pull the curtains and light some candles, because I guarantee you this stuff will make your toes curl. (I still can't believe he actually admitted to doing that.)

Without further ado, here's the link to the download. Enjoy!

I've also uploaded the alternate dance scene from the UK DVD of Dear Frankie. It's over at SF in the GB thread, in case any of you were interested. (Why, yes! It is your birthday today!)
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
12:34 am
Phantom Tuesday!
Here's your reminder for the POTO chat taking place tonight at 9.30 EST / 6.30 PST. The location is our very own chat space which was thoroughly tested last night and found to be well suited to our pervy posting needs! Again, there are no passwords or logins required for this room. Anyone can start the chat - simply show up, choose your name and enter the room.

Feel free to come by any time your schedules will allow, even if it's just for a few minutes! Hopefully we'll see all you pervs there!

ETA: a very fine pervy chat was had by all last night! We had about eight people in at one point and the delightfully inappropriate comments were coming in fast, furious and funny! I have saved a copy of the entire chat for anyone who would like to check it out. It's a Word file and when you open it just scroll to the bottom of the document to start reading - the chat room format was set to 'bottom up' - in other words, the most recent comments appearing at the top of the screen. I forgot to change it to 'top-down', my apologies (got thinking of Teh Pants. Was a little excited.)

Thanks to all who dropped by - it was a lot of fun and we're planning on doing it again!

POTO Chat, May 24, 2005 (yousendit link)
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
3:42 pm
You know, I just realized that Raoul has his share of the creep factor going on, too. If Christine's sixteen/seventeen, and they were 'childhood' sweethearts when she was six or seven, and he's what---twenty seven now? Ew. Just ew. I mean, 'childhood' sweethearts happens between kids of equal age.

What else kind of creeped you out, assuming it wasn't the continuity girl's errors? Let's assume for the sake of argument that there really was a magical eyeliner flying around that both applied eyeshadow while Christine was passed out and took off her stockings. What else was kind of ew for you?

I mean,let's face it---if the phantom wsa alive today, he'd be living in some old basement, done as Goth, and composing emo mosic. He'd be surfing the internet for porn, and then he'd be pissed at real women for not liking him. Plus I doubt like hell he'd look like Gerard Butler. Guys that look like GB probably get dragged out of their basements by mobs of women with torches and bloodhounds. Has there ever been a recorded case of an ugly male hermit? Do they start out htat way, turn that way because they're ugly, and if so, I have a list of people that would make wonderful hermits.
Friday, May 20th, 2005
10:48 pm
Hey Leave the Phantom alone, he needs to sleep
So, I think we have all been so busy watching the stupid crack movie that we stopped discussing the stupid crack movie!
I think we should discuss our favorite part(s) of the DVD: the pants, Gerry available at the push of a button, the yo bitches part of the sing along, the ability to freeze frame the pants... I personally love the little pout Gerry gives after having the make-up applied, you just want to lick him, but if y'all come near him I'll have to cut you--nothing personal!

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10:07 pm
As mentioned at tasteful_lust . . .
Over at tasteful_lust it was mentioned how much everyone enjoyed doing the running commentary thing for Attila. We also did a live chat over at Snarkfest, but I figure if we hijack that place again it might cause problems. At any rate, I was thinking that maybe we should all try to figure out a time where a bunch of us can sit down together (figuratively of course) and MST3K our favorite stupid crack movie. Since sweeps are almost over, I know I don't have much in the way of appointment television left for a while. The only night this week that is a definite no go is on Wednesday for Lost. I was thinking maybe doing it on a Tuesday night. And if we'd rather do a chat, maybe someone could set something up.

Let me know what y'all think. Be sure to include times when you're available.

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
11:09 pm
Start your engines....
Okay, tomorrow's the day for the release of the ultimate stupidcrackmovie, so here's the spot we'll do our squeeing.

Have fun.
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
11:21 pm
Want a Peice of the StupidCrackMovie?

If you've got some spare cash, you can go here and buy actual stuff from the movie.  For the next couple days more items will be added, and the auctions for each will last five days.  Currently, the caps Gerard Butler wore as the Phantom is going for $1020.  Also up for grabs: the leather gloves he wore.  Man, if I had ANY spare cash, I'd be going after those.  There are a bunch of interesting items though: Christine's boots, Meg's Don Juan Triumphant outfit, one of the Opera Ghost notes, etcetera.

Thursday, April 21st, 2005
4:38 pm
Not to brag, but... I OWN THE PANTS!
Living in Australia usually sucks, but occasionally - very occasionally - it's worth it.

Whoo hoo! I OWN THE PANTS!

I'd forgotten how much I loved the movie. Enough has been discussed about it, so I won't go into it again. However, there were a few things that distracted me, here's a small assortment:
"Raoul's looking particularly Gay!Legolas in that shot."
"Where's the backlight coming from in a fecking underground chapel?"
"Ooh, I can zoom in on the Pants! Oh...oh yeah..."
"How did the Phantom magnify his voice in the theatre...Sonorus charm?"
"No self respecting ballerina would risk ruining her pointe shoes by walking through a wet tunnel."
"Mmm... I can slo-mo the Pants..."
"Oh alright, Emmy Rossum's good, but I still want to shoot her."
"How cute...they stole Imhotep's priests from The Mummy and gave them candlesticks..."
"Hee, comedy sheep."

But the real comedy value lies with the promo videos with Sarah Brightman - there are four, Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask of You with Cliff Richards (so fucking cheesy you'll want to vomit), Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and Music of the Night with Michael Crawford, which is where the super scary screen cap of Draculas Bride!Sarah Brightman comes from. Two words can sum them up nicely - cheap and nasty. No, four words. Fucking cheap, fucking nasty. And altogether pointless. POTO features some godawful wanker attempting to be the Phantom, and any critic of Gerry's singing should sit and listen to this butchering - they will walk away with renewed appreciation of Gerry's performance. Seriously, POTO is the absolute worst clip I've ever seen, and whoever organised the DVD's features should be tortured. SO.HORRIFIC. There's a really bad actor who is apparently the Phantom, trying to sing but failing spectacularly! There's a silver mask that makes the Phantom look cross-eyed! There's Christine in an Egyptian costume! Why? Who knows! There's another really bad actor who is apparently Raoul, whose blonde mullet wig can't cover his brown hair underneath! There's Sarah Brightman without Draculas Bride!scary eyeshadow, but still scary due to unashamed overacting! There's a really cheap looking chandelier that the Phantom drops onto Raoul because Raoul blows a kiss to Christine, who is "onstage" and shagging the floor! And it all ends with Sarah Brightman screaming her final note in horror (most likely at the fact that she's in this clip...) and the screen drips to red. I shit you not. "Blood" drips down to end in a red screen. It's so godfucking awful that after watching such a classy affair like POTO, it undermines the entire movie. I'm still reeling in shock. SO.FUCKING.HORRIFIC.

The "Behind the Mask" doco sucks, Gerry speaks for 30 seconds about his audition, with another 20 seconds of Gerry singing MOTN - he's unshaven and goddamn sexy. The other doco is about the music, which features clips from the stage show, kind of interesting if you like that sort of thing (which I do), very Webber-centric but it would have been better if they had tied it back to the movie.

So, in a nutshell, the Bonus Features are absolute rubbish. What was missing? A featurette on costuming, perhaps? With particular attention paid to the PANTS? A few interviews with the cast? Something on the Art Direction? Maybe the world of DVDs is spoiled by the richness of bonus discs of the LOTR EE DVDs, but ... I don't know. I'm so bitterly disappointed - with such a massive production there would have been ample opportunity to go into the details behind the scenes - and there was obvious attention paid to detail, but do we get any insight? No. A few words to the costumer, the choreographer, and the filming of the chandelier falling. Bugger all. I hope there is a 2-disc Special Edition DVD released, so at the very least the movie is done some justice.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
1:43 am
Why take off the mask?
POTC reminded me of something I read in classical mythology, and I tracked it down to the tale of Psyche and Cupid. Venus is jealous of Psyche's beauty and tells her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a monster, but he falls in love himself. Her father is persuaded by the god Apollo to leave her on a hill top to be wedded to a monster. She ends up alone in a palace by day but by night sleeps with someone she never sees! This is because he is Cupid and he is doublecrossing his mother. So then her sisters visit, against his wishes, and persuade her that she should, I don't know, turn on the light and see what he looks like. She decides to do this, and kill him if he turns out to be a monster. He turns out to be gorgeous instead but now she has broken his trust. Eventually she gets to be with him, and there is a useful summary at http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/mythology/section4.rhtml

Interesting reversal, that he should be beautiful and not ugly.

I remember another story where a woman was secretly a dragon part of the time, but made her husband promise not to look at her at those times, but he peeked and so he never saw her again (an Andrew Lang story?). Also one about a mermaid, with similar results.

I guess the moral is that you have to trust someone if you love them. If you have to take off the mask and take a look, you've betrayed that love. It doesn't seem to be the appearance that is the problem, so much as the trust issue. Mind you, they are all a little odd; a god, a dragon, and a mermaid. Perhaps love is looking past the surface, so you shouldn't be bothered whether they hide their true selves? But then maybe they should have trusted someone enough to share? They ask only a little, and are betrayed.
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
12:18 pm
Holy shit, what is it about the Phantom that makes fangirls go all romantic novel and crap? The character had eight lines in the movie, and I'll frankly admit I haven't read the book. Based on the movie alone, I'd doubt like hell he'd turn into a schmoopy fanboy the first time he gets laid. Hell, if he reacts to a kiss the way he did, orgasm might be too much for him to handle. He's tormented. I cannot think of a worse fate than to turn loose the fangirls on him. I saw one OC named Ashley, for God's sake. Uh---Ashley? In 1870s Paris? He's utterly shattered when Christine kisses him, but even before that, there's the moment she takes his mask off. Yes, cleolinda I know, I know. But I think that's the pivotal moment. Why does she take the mask off? She's got to know that that can't be her dad's ghost. Is she taking the mask off to confirm it? Because I really really can't imagine anything happening with that mask on.

How could he be intimate with somebody physically before he's capable of---God, I can't believe I'm going all Deepak Chopra here-----of dealing with his emotions first? Then, too, there's the matter of the murders. He kills one of his tormentors as a boy. He found refuge in the cellars of the Opera and evidently educated himself in some fashion there. That didn't include going to parties, socializing at all, which makes you wonder where all that self-possession came from. He's a character that exists by absence more than presence. He's the most emotionally shattered of all three, the least developed, yet he's got the most charism and mystery about him. How do you reconcile those?

Badly, it seems.

I've read stories that make me cringe this morning. I've read stories that make romantic novels seem subtle. In all of them, he's this cocky character who acts more like a jock than a tragic anti-hero, who's confident and sexually literate, who talks like the ideal boyfriend. There's teenage girls getting transported back in time. There's teenage girls telling the reader rather than showing. Holy shit. In short, it's Gerard Butler in the cape, and the fangirls are running amuck.

Do you really think a recluse would manage casual conversation, casual sex, or flowery language?

Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest. Flowery smut does that to a person.
Monday, April 4th, 2005
9:59 am
OKay, here's hoping this works.

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
11:15 pm
One more month y'all!

So, I'm just finding a reason to post and I remembered that the ultimate stupidcrackmovie will finally be available for our private viewing pleasure in exactly ONE month.  What are we doing to prepare?  Should we head out to Costco and buy some Doritos in bulk?  Bask in the sunlight for the next few weeks as we'll be shutting all doors to daylight when the PANTS come into our homes?  I don't know, but tomorrow, some long overdue new pics might appear as the Phantom a.k.a. precious butterfly will be at the Sahara premiere hopefully.  Isn't someone on here going to that?  Fabuloustoast?  Well, I bear some Phantom-related pics to celebrate.  Happy dreams everyone, especially you AgentSculder, grrrr.


Stupidcrackmovie, oh how we'll be united in a month....Collapse )

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
12:32 pm
So! Sin City. Let's dish.

(oh, right. spoiler alert!)

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
2:34 pm
I think we've sort of silently agreed that Sin City is one of our stupid crack movies. Emphasis on the "crack."

Stupid crack premiere.

More pictures.

P.S. Speaking of Clive Owen, it's looking like they're going with him for Bond over GB.
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
11:48 pm
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
10:02 pm
Stupid Crack Song---->"Cells"

So....I finally listened to the song everyone and their mama was talking about.  I heard it for the first time about two hours ago and yeah....how did you know?  I'm still listening to it.  Does anyone have anymore crack for this addict?  Translation: Does anyone know where I can find more songs by this band?  I'm not willing to shell out 40 bucks for an import.....yet.


How about a Clive pic, eh? eh?Collapse )
1:32 pm
The POTO DVD press release:

DVD special features that will capture your heart [*eyeroll*] include:

-- "Behind The Mask" - The Story of The Phantom of the Opera

-- The Making of The Phantom of the Opera in 3 Spellbinding Acts

-- Pre-production

-- The Director

-- Production

-- "No One Would Listen": Additional Scene

-- DVD-ROM PC Weblink to the Phantom's Online World.

Pre-production! The Director! Production! SO SPELLBINDING!

By the way, this is supposedly timed for "Mother's Day gift-giving," which says to me that WB is completely ignoring or unaware of the audience they should really be aiming this thing at: young, tech-savvy women who don't necessarily have the musical branded on their brains and therefore did not sit in the theater, like my mother, complaining about what was changed or different or "wrong." Sigh.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
10:37 am
I saw this morning on the A&H Websites thread at Snarkfest--I think the original poster was pointing out the Kirsten Dunst doll, but I did a little digging. Thus, I bring you: The Emmy Rossum Paper Doll.

(The makeover faces are SO. MUCH. FUN.)
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